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Just so you know how all of this came about.

  • 2010


    Digital reading. Lots of it!

    As academic researchers, we had to sift through dozens of articles per week, taking notes, bookmarks, highlights. Doing this digitally did not feel quite right though. Lots of interesting references seemed to be lost forever.

  • June

    June 2013

    An emerging use case

    What if we could dump all of these digital scraps into an environment that helps us organize them? What if we could do this collaboratively and in a way that supports our normal research development workflow?

  • November

    November 2013

    A first prototype

    After countless nights of caffeinated programming, a prototype called was released. Many bugs, many missing bits, but the core idea was right there. Read, clip, index and organize.

  • June

    June 2014 alpha goes live!

    In the last months we have been talking to users a lot. Also, we used the software ourselves quite a bit. What came out of it is a re-designed site that aims at being intuitive yet powerful in the way it allows one to create scrapbooks of ideas.

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